Google比較重視大品牌的問題嗎? 還是對於所有企業一視同仁?

Google比較重視大品牌的問題嗎? 還是對於所有企業一視同仁?

這個問題的答案當然很明顯,Google當然不會對於所有企業都一視同仁,對於無足輕重的企業當然不太可能放太多的心力,對於比較大型的企業當然就會特別關照。為什麼我們要談到這個問題呢,讓我們看下去 …

這篇”Webmasters Upset Big Brands Get Personalized Responses From Google’s Matt Cutts“提到了一件事,在幾天前有一個網站管理者,在Google的討論區刊登了一封求救的訊息,訊息如下:

I’ve read the FAQs and searched the help center.

My URL is:

I’m Kent Van Deusen and I support the Sprint website. I received a message on 5/17/2013 that “Google has detected user-generated spam on your site.” I have run queries against the site, but haven’t found the content referred to in the alert. I have read Google’s documentation regarding how to prevent this in the future, but how do we find the issue we currently have in order to help us address this as quickly as possible? Can Google send us some links or actual examples of the content Google found? Any help in viewing examples of our issue would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Kent Van Deusen


這樣的訊息並不稀奇,每天都可以在Google討論區上看到成千上萬的篇數,但是特別的是 … 竟然兩天的時間,Google的Matt Cutts親自回信告訴他說:

Hi Kent, when you see a message like this, it’s a good idea to check around for various forums, bulletin boards, and community areas where users can leave comments. We typically send this message when we see a lot of spam in those areas. Rather than Google removing those pages from our index, it’s usually better if you can remove the pages on your side so that they don’t show up in other search engines either.

I just took a quick look; try doing a Google search like [ watch] to see some examples where spammers are posting a bunch of messages. I noticed that older pages with this sort of spam are mostly gone or removed–which is great. You might just look into some ways to try to catch the spam a little faster or see if there are some ways to make it a bit harder for the spammers to post a large amount of messages on the community pages.
Hope that helps,

Matt Cutts回答中還很清楚的告訴Sprint的管理者,在哪裡可以找到那些使用者產生的垃圾內容,原本還有人酸Sprint的管理者說,別傻了,Google怎麼可能告訴你在哪裡,你應該自己知道才對。不料,不僅獲得Google的回應,還是來自spam team的老大的回應。

為什麼這麼快的獲得回應? 因為Sprint是美國一家電信公司,是全球網際網路骨幹網服務商、美國第三大長途電話公司。很可能Matt Cutts家裡就是使用Sprint的服務都說不定。

Google會比較重視大品牌的問題嗎? 當然的,因為這些大網站的存活跟Google比較有關係,你我小網站的生死,Google當然不會重視。




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