Pagerank已死? 一個鬧笑話的烏龍報導!

前陣子中國大陸一些網站都在報導一件大事,說已經證實Google將要取消Pagerank。這個消息迅速的傳遍了SEO界,大家都認為還真的有點可能,因為Google Pagerank從2010年四月至今已經都沒有更新了,結果搞到最後才發現是烏龍一場 …


最早是因為有人看到一則Google員工Susan Moskwa在最近的發文 (如下圖):


於是有人開始去尋找源頭,找出了這篇文章的來源,發現Susan Moskwa那篇文章的發表日期是2009年10月15日,而不是2010年9月15日,並且從Susan Moskwa的原文以及前後文都看不出來哪裡說要取消Pagerank。


起源是有人於 2009/10/13 詢問 (原文照登):

I was doing my daily perusing of our client sites in Webmaster Tools, and I noticed something interesting…
The PageRank distribution feature, once found on the crawl stats section under “Diagnostics,” is no longer displayed.
Is this a permanent change?
Perhaps public PR is finally going to be dumped?
What say you?

有人發現原本在Webmasters Tool中的Pagerank資料不見了,詢問是否將取消Pagerank顯示?


We’ve been telling people for a long time that they shouldn’t focus on PageRank so much; many site owners seem to think it’s the most important metric for them to track, which is simply not true. We removed it because we felt it was silly to tell people not to think about it, but then to show them the data, implying that they should look at it. 🙂

My impression is that PageRank in Toolbar is aimed more at the casual browser of sites who wants to get a general feel for the authority of a page. For this reason many people still believe we should leave it in Toolbar. Toolbar isn’t primarily aimed at site owners who are looking for precise & reliable metrics that they can judge their site by or make decisions by. That’s one reason it made sense to remove it from Webmaster Tools, which is designed specifically for site owners in a way that Toolbar is not. Personally I would love to see us remove PR from the Toolbar, but mine is not the only opinion in Google and the folks I have most contact with–site owners–aren’t the only users or stakeholders of Toolbar.

Susan說: 我們一直告訴大家不要太注意Pagerank,許多站長都以為Pagerank是最重要的指標,其實是不正確的,我們把他從Webmasters中移除,是因為既然告訴大家不重要,但是卻一直顯示出來給大家看 … 至於Toolbar上的Pagerank主要是給讀者參考,當成是否閱讀的參考,至於她個人認為應該也不要在Toolbar顯示Pagerank …


所以原文是說在Webmasters Tools中的顯示移除,並且認為Pagerank不應該是網站最重要的指標,而在Toolbar上的Pagerank,雖然Susan認為也應該移除,但是從目前狀況看,顯然Google內部還是認為應該保留給讀者參考。

原來根本沒有「Google將要取消Pagerank」這件事。Susan所說的,也是我們經常說的: 不要為了Pagerank而Pagerank,因為Pagerank不是跟SERP成正比

我們在”Pagerank應該如何看待?” (會員限定內容) 已經說明非常清楚,如果你能夠瞭解Pagerank的真正涵義,就能夠泰然處之這種「Google將要取消Pagerank」烏龍報導。


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