Search Engine Optimization 搜尋引擎最佳化的幾個問題(1)

Google搜尋引擎真正的運作機制一直是一個黑盒子, 但在Live Chat Q&A當中, 可以透過一些對話來了解大家關心的重點及解答, 我們來研究這些對話並且解析出到底哪些才是搜尋引擎最佳化的真正核心問題…

Questions and answers from the third online Webmaster Chat from October 22, 2008記載了所有詳細的對話, 但是光是看這些對話只是一些公式化的官方回答, 我們一一來解析中間的奧妙

Q: What weight does the age of a site and the amount of time a domain is registered for have on it’s search placement? 網域名稱的註冊時間與長短是否影響搜尋排名?

A: In the majority of cases, it actually doesn’t matter … I try never to rule a signal out completely, but I wouldn’t obsess about it. 大部分情形, 這個因素並不太重要 … 我認為沒有單一因素

從這個回答中, 我們可以知道網域名稱的註冊時間與長短是”其中”一個因素, 只是Matt Cutts認為還有許多因素互相影響…這有點廢話, 不過Matt Cutts並未否認網域名稱的註冊時間與長短的重要性就是了


Q: Recently, you removed this suggestion: “Submit your site to relevant directories such as the Open Directory Project and Yahoo!” from your guidelines. Is there any chance that you will be discounting these kinds of links for ranking value in future? 是否將網址送到開放目錄已經不再重要了?

A: There’s always the chance that we’ll discount directory links in the future…Right now we haven’t changed how we’re weighting directory links–we’ve only removed the directory suggestion from the webmaster guidelines. 以後一定會減低這些目錄的重要性, 但目前並未如此做


Q: Can you explain how the use of sub-domains helps / hurts a sites ranking? 次網域是否會減損或加強ranking?

A: Good question–do mean in terms of subdomains vs. subdirectories? Maybe we can talk through this one after the official presentations? 沒有正面回答

這個問題被評為好問題, 表示已經觸及了一些重點了, 到底是次網域好?還是子目錄好?哪個可以對於ranking有正面效果呢? 這篇文章”Advice on Subdomains vs. Subdirectories for SEO“可以參考, 以往sub-domain也許可以得到一些效果, 但現在sub-domain與sub-directory似乎已經具備相同效果, 但是有一點值得研究的是site-1.example.com與site-2.example.com到底算同一個site嗎?其ranking的分配與sub-directory如何取捨? 你可以參考以下文章

搜尋引擎最佳化 : subdomain 與 subdirectory
搜尋引擎最佳化 : subdomain OR subdirectory

Q: Since Google is against using ranking software (ie:WebCeO) to monitor SERP rankings, is there any plans on Google creating an approved, in-house rank check application that webmasters can use? Google是否會提供rank check軟體?

A: It’s something that we’ve talked about. My concern is that sometimes people get too worried with paying attention to their “trophy phrase” and want to rank for that even if that’s not the best phrase for them, or concentrating on one phrase to the exclusion of all the other stuff they rank for isn’t the best idea. I think paying attention to server logs or analytics data gets you a really nice array of keywords that are practical to work on. But this is feedback that we’ve heard, and personally I think it would be nice if we offered this for some reasonable size of keywords. 回答得好長, 希望不要把重點放在ranking (廢話, 沒Google大家就不會計較ranking啦), 但是重點是可能會提供…以後吧

Google對於PageRank Checker大抵是不鼓勵、不反對, 當然最好的方式是使用Google Toolbar上的PageRank Display, 但因為還要安裝軟體, 所以並不是很方便, 我們提供的PageRank貼紙是一個不錯的選擇

而Google對於SERP的Ranking則是反對的態度, 不過有一些免費工具可以尋找SERP Ranking, 我們整理完後再陸續提供, 其他問題的解析, 我們後續也會繼續探討…

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