Search Engine Optimization 搜尋引擎最佳化的幾個問題(3)

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Q: In addition to a XML sitemap, does it make any sense to have also an HTML sitemap on the same website? Does HTML sitemap helps improve the rating?
除了XML的sitemap外, 有HTML的sitemap對於rating有幫助嗎?

A: A HTML sitemap file can help search engines, especially those that don’t use XML Sitemap files. Also, the 404 widget in Webmaster Tools (which you can place on your 404 pages) will use “/sitemap.htm” and similar files to help users to find the content they’re looking for. So yes, I would recommend making HTML sitemap files, however I’d focus on the user and not the search engines.
是的, 但是是指對使用者有幫助

HTML sitemap可與Webmaster Tools 404 pages結合(也就是當找不到網頁時), 可以指向HTML sitemap, 此舉可以讓讀者繼續停留在網頁上

Q: Recently went through a rebranding of our company name. The old domain name was successful in page ranking, however the new domain name has terrible page ranking. Do 301 redirects transfer the site equity from the old domain to new domain?
當移動網站時, 301 redirect可否轉移ranking?

A: This is a pretty common question, so we actually did a blog post about it recently. In short, 301’s are the best way to retain users and search engine traffic when moving domains. You can find the full post here:

這個問題我們在”SEO策略: PR5+PR4=PR6?“也已經談過

Q: Is the bounce rate and speed taken into account when ranking a page? i.e. if you see a searcher click on a result then return very quickly and choose another result, is the first page ranked lower?
Bounce Rate是否會影響SERP?

A: assuming that users will be jumping out of a site like that, there’s a high probability that they won’t be willing to recommend it to others (or come back themselves). So yes, indirectly at least, if a site is made in a way that users run away right away, then chances are that we might not be recommending it as much as other sites that users like (and recommend to others).
間接來說, 是的


Q: Many believe that to rank well, you simply need “quality” backlinks. But how important is having your keywords in the , and throughout your site? Is keyword density of any importance to show what the page is about? What % is suggested?
有人認為高品質的backlink是重要因素, 並且關鍵字密度比例應如何?

A: Links are just one factor involved in Google’s ranking of pages. We look at both on-page and off-page content, so what you have on your page can be an essential part of ranking. However, there is no recommended “keyword density.” Your content should be high quality and written for users. If you try writing for search engines, the language can become very unnatural, which may end up hurting you more than it helps.
on-page與off-page都是重要因素, 沒什麼關鍵字密度比例問題, 只需產生高品質的內容…

請參考之前”SEO策略 : OnPage & OffPage SEO

Q: Does inconsistent capitalization of URLs cause duplicate content issues and dilution of page rank? For example vs On Windows hosts, these are the same page, but are different pages on Unix hosts.

A: based on the existing standards, URLs are case-sensitive, so yes, these would be seen as separate URLs. Since the content on the URLs is the same, we’ll generally recognize that and only keep one of them. However, we’d recommend that you try to keep all links going to one version of the URL. Keep in mind that this also applies to robots.txt files.
是的, 如果出現大小寫不同的URL指向同一內容, 我們只留其一

在使用英文大小寫需注意, 在UNIX類的機器是大小寫不同, 而windows是大小寫視為相同, 最好在網址與robots.txt上都保持一慣性

Q: Does appearing high in image searches help improve the host sites PR and appearance on standard searches?

A: Thanks for the question Andy. Well-optimized, relevant images could definitely help increase traffic to your site, especially with the introduction of Universal Search, where we mix images, videos, and more into the web search results.
是的, 影像可被搜尋可以增加流量

在網站的影像影音檔應注意檔案名稱與alt的內容, 以便能夠被搜尋

Q: Is there a META tag we can use to tell Google the geotarget (country) of a particular webpage?

A: we don’t have META geotargeting capability at this time.

要讓網頁能夠有地區或語文區分, 可參考

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