SEM 搜尋引擎行銷 : Microsoft 也想加入戰局了

在搜尋引擎行銷(Search Engine Marketing)被Google跟Yahoo長期主導的情況下, Microsoft終於按耐不住了, 於4/28宣佈開始在Live Search Webmaster Center Blog開張SEM系列

這篇”Search Engine Marketing 101, a new blog series“正式宣佈向大眾洗腦, 目的就是要大家記得….搜尋引擎還有Live Search啊! 可不是dead的啊!!

於是Microsoft SEM 101 Series Blog於焉展開了!

以目前ComScore於2009年四月所發表的搜尋引擎市場佔有率來看, Microsoft仍然在個位數盤旋, 如果不再搞點名堂, 真的是被兩大搜尋引擎壓在地上打

Rick DeJarnette說

I want to orient these folks and others in similar situations (that would be you, my dear reader!) to what SEM is and why it is important. I will show you the particular steps you‘ll want to take to improve your website’s structure and content, and discuss other technical details to make your site more usable and more compelling to users. As a result of these optimizations, your site will also become more visible to users by showing up earlier on relevant search engine results pages (SERPs). This increased visibility will help it draw more qualified visitors, whom you can convert, with the aid of strong, compelling content, into new and repeat customers.

I’ll also go into successful search engine marketing strategies, such as relevant Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaigns, that can bring an even higher number of highly qualified visitors to your site, which usually translates into more customers. Lastly, I’ll touch on the concerns about over-zealous optimization techniques and why, in the long run, they will be more detrimental than helpful.

我覺得如果能夠把Google跟Yahoo的演算法漏洞公告出來, 或是如何快速在Live Search排在第一位? 可能比較吸引人


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