Social Network: 大部分企業網路社交策略將會失敗?

Gartner報導說在2010年前Fortune 1000大的企業將會有60%的企業建構線上社群, 但是會有半數的企業, 也就是約300家企業會嚐到失敗的社交網路…

Gartner這篇報導是在去年底發表, 在這篇2009/02/26的文章”Gartner Says Reviewing the State of CRM in 2000 Foretells Its Future in 2020“, 提到企業CRM的技術變遷快速, 但是企業的腳步似乎沒有跟上 …

在這篇”Gartner Highlights Seven Great Concerns for CEOs in 2009“提到的CEO關心的七大議題, 也是圍繞在快速的變遷的適應問題

這篇”Gartner Advises Technology Providers to Implement Advanced Customer Segmentation Methods“, 更清楚的建議:

– Improve campaign response with finely tuned messaging that is more effective at targeting the interests and emotions of target buyers

– Select indirect channel partners whose customers align more closely with their own customer base, capabilities, go-to-market strategies and market share objectives

– Avoid wasting sales time with prospects whose attributes make them an unlikely buyer, allocating more time to those who are likely to be easier to sell, more profitable and more loyal over the long term.

也就是說企業必須更快速而精準的切入有效率的客層, 善用最新的技術來建構社交網路(Social Network), 如果不能的話, 可能就會成為社交策略失敗的企業之一


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