SEO SEM : 網路時代的品牌效應

網路時代想要讓品牌出頭已經不像十年前的時代, 在前面文章”網路行銷 Network Marketing : 網友到底相信誰 ?“提到網友的信賴趨勢, 想要讓品牌深植消費者心中, 已經必須除了傳統行銷之外善用網路才能創造新的天地 …

EngagementDB的報告中, 排名前20名的品牌各是:

(6)Thomson Reuters

(其他排名詳見EngagementDB Report (PDF))

為何會有這樣的排名? 我們看看關於Starbucks的內容 : Starbucks – A Social Brand for Social Media

When you walk into any Starbucks location, you enter the ultimate of social spaces. Starbucks has worked hard to turn their corner of your world into your third place. So it’s a natural to see the company embrace social media to naturally move the brand into a rapidly growing online space. But with millions of potential customer touch points online, the company works hard to maintain consistency throughout its social media practice. In speaking with Starbucks, the best practices so readily apparent to maintain the perfect social meida blend include:

–Deputizing people throughout the organization
–Understanding how each social media channel provides a different dimension of engagement
–Centralizing coordination
–Finding champions who can explain and mitigate risk


“We live in the physical world with
thousands of natural touch points, so when we laid out the vision for our social strategy, it felt like home for the brand. It’s about the relationships we form with our customers, not marketing….the physical, distributed nature of Starbucks is also their biggest challenge, with people changing all the time while others are eager to engage directly through channels like Twitter…We need to be marching through this in the right way…. We need to build our social strategy up with integrity so that we are not compromising the relationships with customers.”

總而言之, 就是選擇適當的媒介突顯品牌、選擇適合的媒介與客戶溝通, 但最終能夠經營出品牌的還是「企業本質」

SEO/SEM/Social Network都能夠讓企業品牌被看見, 但是如果沒真正瞭解行銷的本質, 只是經營出一塊大家耳熟能詳的爛招牌

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