Microsoft Pivot : 微軟最新推出的瀏覽軟體

微軟的Live Labs推出最新的瀏覽軟體Pivot, Microsoft Pivot這個瀏覽軟體已經完全不像IE, 以視覺的方式來進行資料的搜尋, 這個瀏覽軟體到底能夠做什麼呢?

Pivot原意是支點或中心點, 原本這個詞跟Microsoft Excel有關, 但在這裡應該是「以…為核心」或「圍繞」來解釋比較貼切, 也就是以你所需要的為核心, 所有相關的資訊就圍繞在四周

We tried to step back and design an interaction model that accommodates the complexity and scale of information rather than the traditional structure of the Web … At the heart of Pivot are “Collections.” They combine large groups of similar items on the Internet, so we can begin viewing the relationships between individual pieces of information in a new way. By visualizing hidden patterns, Pivot enables users to discover new insights while interacting with thousands of things at once.

微軟說為了能夠瀏覽大量而複雜的資料, 以「Collections」的概念把類似的資料集合起來, 以發掘更多以往找不出來的關聯 … (僅大略翻譯)

以下是Microsoft Pivot的展示影片

以下是Microsoft Pivot的另外展示影片

Microsoft Pivot需要邀請才能安裝, 筆者原本已經收到邀請, 但後來才發現只能安裝在Vista或Windows 7上, 其詳細需求是:

(1)Recommended System Configuration: Windows 7 with Aero enabled, 2-GHz 32-bit (x86) processor, 2 gigabytes of random access memory.
(2)Supported System Configuration: Windows Vista with Aero enabled, 2-GHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor.
(3)Pivot is supported only on US English-based operating systems with US English date and time formats.
(4)256 megabytes of video memory
(5)Pivot requires .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and Internet Explorer 8

如果你也想試用, 可到這裡來看詳細資料及邀請碼, 等筆者安裝試用完再來報告了 …

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