Google Caffeine 已經逐步上線測試

Matt Cutts在他的部落格說Google Caffeine將在過完耶誕節後於明年全部上線, 目前釋出其中一個IP …

根據”Google Caffeine Now Live On One Google Data Center“,已經是Google Caffeine的架構, 但是這個資料尚不是100%的連接到最新indexing

Matt Cutts說:

My plane landed and I had time to check. as an IP address currently hits the Caffeine data center about 50% of the time, so that’s probably what the person at DP was seeing.
I think it’s really risky to take a few threads and turn that into a “major Google update.”…. So does hit the Caffeine data center more often than other IP addresses, but it’s always been the plan that Caffeine would roll out at one data center (no more data centers will get Caffeine until at least January).
But I would avoid generalizing, at least as going by the one report that mentioned a specific site that I looked into. Of course, on a lot of the webmaster forums you can’t tell what site they’re talking about, so it’s hard to do any debugging on what might have happened to individual sites there.

Google Caffeine到底會有哪些變動? Google能否藉由Caffeine提供更精準的搜尋? 還是只是效能上的提升? 明年就可以揭開謎底了…

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