Editor & Publisher 結束125年的營運

一家引領潮流125年的刊物Editor & Publisher在本星期四宣佈結束營運, 對於出版業與媒體業都是一個相當的震撼, 為什麼這麼歷史悠久的公司會抵擋不住現今的各種衝擊呢?

Editor&Publisher在他的網站宣佈了這個訊息”Editor & Publisher to Cease Publication After 125 Years“…

為了怕以後內容不見了, 把他的內容摘錄如下:

NEW YORK Editor & Publisher, the bible of the newspaper industry and a journalism institution that traces its origins back to 1884, is ceasing publication.

An announcement, made by parent company The Nielsen Co., was made Thursday morning as staffers were informed that E&P, in both print and online, was shutting down.

The expressions of surprise and outpouring of strong support for E&P that have followed across the Web — Editor & Publisher has even hit No. 4 as a Twitter trending topic — raise the notion that the publication might yet continue in some form.

Nielsen Business Media, of which E&P was a part, has forged a deal with e5 Global Media Holdings, LLC, a new company formed jointly by Pluribus Capital Management and Guggenheim Partners, for the sale of eight brands in the Media and Entertainment Group, including E&P sister magazines Adweek, Brandweek, Mediaweek, Backstage, Billboard, Film Journal International and The Hollywood Reporter. E&P was not included in this transaction.

As news spread of E&P’s fate, the staffers have been inundated with calls from members of the industry it covers, and many others, expressing shock and hopes for a revival. Staff members will stay on for the remainder of 2009.

Greg Mitchell, editor since 2002, has hailed the staff and accomplishments, including a dozen major awards and strong showing on the Web for many years. Some staff writers/editors have been at E&P for a quarter of a century. “I’m shocked that a way was not found for the magazine to continue it some form — and remain hopeful that this may still occur,” he said.

Editor & Publisher was launched in 1901 but traces its history to 1884 — it merged with the magazine The Journalist, which had started on that earlier date.

Editor & Publisher是Nielsen(尼爾森集團)旗下的一員, Nielsen集團賣掉了旗下八個媒體給e5 Global Media LLC, 但不幸的是Editor & Publisher並沒有包括在這個交易中

被賣出的八個品牌是: Adweek, Brandweek, Mediaweek, Backstage, Billboard, The Clio Awards, Film Journal International, The Hollywood Reporter, 並且關閉了兩個品牌, 其中就包括了Editor & Publisher, 另外關閉的一家是Kirkus Reviews

我們前陣子才在談”Rupert Murdoch 考慮將封鎖 Google“, 並且認為如果Rupert Murdoch最後真的封鎖Google, 那麼真的是一場世紀豪, 才沒多久 … 結果Nielsen這麼大的集團就關了兩個品牌給Rupert Murdoch看 …

Nielsen約在全球100個國家都有據點, 2008年營收50億美金, 在媒體界算是全球的翹楚, 為何會開始丟出這些包袱? 當然因為不賺錢! 為什麼不賺錢? 當然是因為網路了! 網路上的免費閱讀內容讓這些雜誌刊物出版無法獲利

所以再怎麼大的企業體如果沒有正視網路的趨勢, 不但無法永續經營, 可能連要渡過寒冬都有問題…

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