Google Maps Traffic Data 到底是如何辦到的?

Google在去年取消了Google Maps上的Traffic Data,因此使用者無法透過Google Maps得到地點間的真實交通時間資料,但是現在又偷偷的恢復了 …



We have decided that our information systems behind this feature were not as good as they could be. Therefore, we have taken this offline and are currently working to come up with a better, more accurate solution. We are always working to bring you the best Google Maps experience with updates like these!


在這篇”Traffic Data Now Back In Google Maps“提到,Google已經在官方部落格文章”Find out your trip duration based on current traffic“又宣佈正式開放Traffic Data了。

Google Maps Traffic Data 到底是如何辦到的? 他是如何去正式的預測真正的交通時間呢?


The previous traffic feature that was removed from Google Maps last summer provided users with the worst case traffic scenario based on historic traffic data — e.g. “up to 50 minutes in traffic.” That feature was removed because we wanted to improve the freshness of the data. The feature that we’re introducing on Google Maps today works differently and serves a different purpose. The new time-in-traffic feature provides users with the ability to check current traffic conditions and estimates the length of travel time based on constantly refreshed data.  The traffic information comes from a combination of data from third party sources and information that Android users have chosen to share by opting in to the My Location feature on Google Maps. While iPhone users don’t currently contribute to crowdsourced traffic data, we do provide the traffic data to both Android and iPhone map application users so they can benefit from the useful traffic information.

time-in-traffic (即時的交通資訊)是透過第三方資料以及Android的使用者資料而來,也就是如果你使用Android手機,並且願意提供Google資料的話,你的移動資料就會被參考在time-in-traffic當中。

當然第三方資料應該就是政府單位的交通資料,不然非官方是不太有可能持有即時的交通資料。也就是交通狀況的歷史資料與即時資料都會被考慮,然後利用在Google Maps的時間計算上。

Google的這篇”The bright side of sitting in traffic: Crowdsourcing road congestion data“則提到了如何貢獻一己之力,如何把自己都手機當成交通播報員。

只要你的智慧型手機可以使用Google Maps Mobile,就可以將你的所在位置提供給Google。

以下是Google Maps Mobile的說明影片:

也就是說,如果你使用具有GPS的智慧型手機,或是自己通報位置,並且有吃到飽的上網功能,你就可以使用Google Mobile Maps來進行即時交通資訊的提供,如果越多人能夠貢獻一己之力,這些即時交通資訊就能夠更準確了。

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