Google AdWords 關鍵字鎖定新工具

經過了英國跟加拿大的beta test,Google推出了AdWords關鍵字鎖定新工具,這個工具可以讓你所想要針對的關鍵字更加精準。你可由最廣泛的匹配到最狹隘的匹配,讓你自己可以自由調整,完全看你使用哪些operator。


由最外圍看到最內圍 …

(1) formal shoes : 是最廣泛的條件

以下都符合條件…formal footwear ,  evening footwear , black dress shoes

(2) formal +shoes : 必須要有shoes這個字

以下都符合條件…evening shoes , black dress shoes

(3) +formal +shoes : 必須要有formalshoes這個字, 但不一定要緊連在一起

以下都符合條件…formal shoes , formal evening shoes

(4) “formal shoes” : 必須要有formal shoes這個連字一起出現

以下都符合條件…black formal shoes , formal shoes for women

(5) [formal shoes] : 就是formal shoes 最窄的範圍


We’re always interested in ways to increase our volumes while keeping our CPA down. As a result, we’ve added broad match modified keywords to several campaigns where previously we only had phrase and exact match keywords. After a few weeks of testing, we’re pleased to see these campaigns showed significant increases in conversion and volume, whilst keeping the CPA down. Therefore, we will be looking to scale our use of modified broad match keywords in all our campaigns to take full advantage of these great results.



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